The organization is vested with the responsibility to develop, coordinate, and manage the overall certification and education system developed for child/youth care practitioners through the use of processes and within the standards set by the Texas Youth and Child Care Worker Association.

The Certification Institute is the group that:
  1. Represents the needs of all of the major groups which compose the field of child care practice (practitioners, service provider organizations, educators, and consumer groups).

  2. Provides professional development planning that spans the entire field of practice (early childhood education, emergency shelters, mental health, community youth services, physical and developmental disabilities, juvenile justice, and foster parenting).

  3. Works with other organizations to develop a unified credentialing and education system to link existing and emerging certifications under one comprehensive career development system.

About the Institute


The Child and Youth Care Worker Certification Institute is a collaborative effort by leading organizations that provide support and services to children and families. The purpose of the Institute is to promote the improvement of services to children and youth by:
  1. Certifying individual child/youth care work practitioners;

  2. Accrediting training and education programs for child/youth care work practitioners; and

  3. Researching professional practices of child/youth care workers
The organization is a 501(c)(6), non-profit corporation administered by a board of directors drawn from leading child care and child welfare organizations, representatives of certified child/youth care workers, educators, and community consumer groups.

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